Hacks To Extend Your Rock Drilling Auger Bits Lifespan


Hacks To Extend Your Rock Drilling Auger Bits Lifespan

There are many benefits that come with investing in machine parts that last for a longer time. The biggest of the mall is the reduced cost of running the machine because of the reduced cost of replacing wear parts. Unfortunately, some of the drilling machine users don’t know how to increase the drilling bits’ lifespan.

For the drilling contractors, here are some of the best ways you extend your rock drilling auger bits lifespan:

Proper Use

One of the major causes of the reduced lifespan of the rock drilling auger bits is the wrong application and usage. Some of the machine users use these machine parts in areas that they are supposed to be used. You cannot use the typical auger bits in rocky conditions. Similarly, you cannot use rock drilling auger bits for pile drilling.  Similarly, you must ensure that the machines being used properly by having a professional operator. That’s one of the best ways to extend your auger bits lifespan.

Quality Materials

To ensure that you are extending your rock drilling auger bits, you must start by investing in the best quality materials. Even if you have applied all the necessary measures, you will never get the expected results if the quality of auger bits is low. So, ensure that your auger bits are constructed from the highest grade materials. If not, consider replacing them with better quality options in the market.

Machine Cleaning

One of the basic things and very important maintenance tips that most people ignore is cleaning the machine. It is one of the maintenance practices that can help improve the performance of your machine significantly. What cleaning do to the rock drilling auger bits is removing all debris, dirt, and dust that is likely to increase the rate of wear and tear of the machine. So, if you want to improve the lifespan of your auger bits, then you need to consider cleaning your machine, especially after use.

Immediate Repairs

Do not ignore any signs of wear and tear that you see on your rock drilling auger bits. These signs indicate the need for checking the condition of the cutter tools and have them fixed before things get worse. That’s why repairs are highly recommended for the extension of the auger bits lifespan. If you don’t do repairs, then you will find yourself replacing these parts soon.


When dealing with augers, you need a set of bits for the equipment to be functional. In some cases, some of the rock drilling auger bits might get faulty and damaged beyond repair. Make sure such parts are removed and replaced to avoid damaging the rest of the bits. That’s you extend your bits lifespan

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