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Common Hot Forging Examples And Their Applications

Common Hot Forging Examples And Their Applications

Hot forging is one of the widely used forging technologies in the manufacturing industry. That’s because of the ability to handle various metals, including the hardest ones such as iron. But there are various hot forging examples, and each of them works best for certain conditions.

Unfortunately, most people going to hot forging fails to understand these small details and end up with a machine that doesn’t fit their needs. In this guide, we look at some of the main types of hot forging and how they are applied:

Hot For Automotive Application

This is probably one of the biggest hot forging examples in the manufacturing industry. The vehicle industry is growing pretty fast, with the demand for cars is growing every day. What makes automotive hot forging a bit unique is the kind of raw material used. The industry uses some of the hardest metals, such as steel and its alloys. These are the metals that are heated to make their plastic deformation easy. Cold forging cannot be used in these parts. Driving gear, brake system, and undercarriage are some of the car parts that can be hot forged.

Hot Forging For Aerospace

If you look at the massive size of airplanes, you will find a lot of forging that goes into its manufacturing. From the engines to the frame of the airplane, there are so many parts that are forged. A good example of these parts is window frames, doors, and wings fitting. Carrier, pins, rotor head, and gearbox are also some of the hot forged parts. That’s why aerospace is one of the hot forging examples on this list.

Hot Forging for Construction Industry

The construction industry is another area where hot forging is widely applied. There are so many construction materials that require forging to form. Some of the parts, such as window frames, door fitting, and so on, are forged. It is also important to note that there are many construction machines that formed using hot forging. So, this is one sector that needs hot forging to run efficiently.

Hot Forging For Agriculture

Last on our list of hot forging examples is the agricultural sector. From the agricultural tools to equipment, there is a lot of hot forging that is needed. Most of the tools are hot forged, while most machine parts such as mulcher teeth and blades are forged. This makes it a perfect hot forging example.