The Making Of A Rotogravure Printing Cylinder


The Making Of A Rotogravure Printing Cylinder

The Making Of A Rotogravure Printing Cylinder

Laser technology has greatly evolved over the year. Today, manufacturers of Rotogravure printing cyplinder are seeking contemporary approaches based on the prevailing innovation. It is important for the manufacturers to ensure that the production process accounts for all the important elements. That way, the final output will align with the client’s expectations.

The market need is a major factor determining how a rotogravure cylinder is made. In this case, the developers acknowledge the diversity of the laser printing sector. Notably, laser engravings come in different designs based on the preference of the intended client or the available market.

The initial process of making a rotogravure printing cylinder entails the selection of the ideal material. In this case, the cylinder can be made from a range of materials. However, the better the quality, the more preferable the material is. In most cases, steel is used in making rotogravure cylinders.

This is because steel is not only strong but of the best quality, especially in relation to laser printing. In the making process, steel is subjected to grinding with the intention of achieving a smooth surface and specific size of the cylinder.

Steel is usually the base material. Another material, like a copper layer, is added on top of the steel. This is the engravable material. The copper layer is usually thin and is the layer that the engraving process adds and removes when preparing the rotogravure printing cylinder for printing.

Note that the rotogravure printing cylinder will also be added a chrome later at the end of the engraving to protect the engraved image from damage. Accuracy is one of the key factors making the rotogravure printing cylinder, without a high level of precision in the manufacturing process, when the printing work becomes very difficult.

These are key factors for the process of making a rotogravure printing cylinder. The material, size, and precision of the cylinders are key factors to consider. Therefore, there is need to ensure that you are only dealing with a reliable manufacturer to get the best quality rotogravure printing cylinder.