Mistakes You Make When Buying Flexo Printing Plate

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Mistakes You Make When Buying Flexo Printing Plate

Flexographic printing, commonly known as “flexo,” is a widely used printing process that uses a flexible relief plate. This printing method is versatile and can handle a wide range of materials, from paper to plastic to metallic film. However, when it comes to shopping for flexo printing plates, many buyers make mistakes that could potentially hamper the quality of their work or increase their costs. Here are five common mistakes that buyers should avoid when shopping for flexo printing plates:

Neglecting Plate Material Quality:

One of the most common mistakes buyers make is overlooking the importance of plate material quality. Flexo printing plates can be made from various materials, such as rubber, photopolymer, and elastomers. Each material offers distinct advantages, including durability, resolution capabilities, and ink transfer characteristics. Ignoring quality of plates leads most of buyers to buying low quality products.

Overlooking Compatibility with the Printing Machine

Another common error buyers often commit is not considering the compatibility of the plate with their flexo printing machine. Each machine may require a specific type of plate or a particular method of plate installation. Failing to ensure compatibility can result in ineffective prints and potential damage to the printing machine itself.

Neglecting Plate Thickness

Plate thickness is another critical factor that can impact the final print quality. Thicker plates are generally better for coarse images and text, while thinner plates are more suited for fine detail and high-resolution printing. Some buyers overlook this aspect and choose plates solely based on price. To ensure the best printing results, one should consider the necessary plate thickness for the particular print job.

Failing to Verify Plate Durability

Flexo printing plates are subjected to high pressure and rapid movement during the printing process. Hence, they need to be durable to withstand these demanding conditions and deliver consistent results over their lifespan. However, some buyers often fail to consider the durability of the plates.

Not Consulting with Industry Professionals

The technical aspects of flexo printing and the variety of plates available can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the industry. Many buyers make the mistake of not consulting with professionals or experienced vendors before making a purchase.

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