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Mistakes To Avoid When Carrying Out cylinder engraving

Mistakes To Avoid When Carrying Out cylinder engraving

Cylinder engraving is an essential part of gravure printing, and how it is handled greatly determines the quality of the final printing. However, there are many mistakes that people make during this process that end up messing with the quality of the printing output.

So which are the major mistakes, and how can you avoid them? Well, here are some of the mistakes you are prone to making and how to avoid them:

Poor Preparations

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when carrying out cylinder engraving is poor preparation. In fact, a lot of people commit this mistake, and the end is usually disastrous. To avoid this, prepare thoroughly before you can start with the engraving process. Make sure the cylinder is in perfect condition, the same as the engraving machine.

Wrong Engraving Material

A lot of people usually come to realize later that they are engraving the material. This is after the printing quality fails to meet the standards. Always make sure that you have gone through the details, including the recommended engraving material on the cylinder. If it is copper, make sure it is a copper-layered cylinder.

Wrong Laser Setting

Another common mistake when cylinder engraving is the incorrect setting of the laser. The laser beam and positioning of the beam are among the details that most people forget to get. Make sure that you have keenly observed the laser settings before you can start with the engraving of the cylinder.

Wrong Image Settings

The market is now enjoying more advanced laser engraving machines, which are digitized in almost all their operations. This includes the taking of the image to be printed. However, you must always avoid wrong image settings by observing the provided details keenly.

Poor Training

The other mistake you must avoid is poorly trained operators. If it is you who is operating the cylinder engraving machine, make sure that you are properly trained. You need the right skills to carry out cylinder engraving.

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