Equipment Cold Forging Factory Must Have

Equipment Cold Forging Factory Must Have

A cold forging factory is an essential part of the manufacturing process. This is where everything happens, and thus you expect to get the best equipment. It’s true that most manufacturers have tried to upgrade their factories, but some are still using the old technology despite its inconvenience.

So what should a cold forging factory have? Well, there are several things that you expect to find in a good forging factory. Here are some of the most basic things a factory must have:

Experience Operator

The first and most important thing you need to find in a cold forging factory is experienced operators. A factory may be having everything, but if there are no qualified operators, then the end product will still be poor. If you are looking for quality forged parts, check whether there are people that can actually produce them. That’s how the quality of the products is achieved.

Advanced Press Machine

Cold forging uses compression to deform metals to form tools. Because it works on metals at room temperature, the metals are harder than it is the cause with hot forging. This means the amount of compression force or hammer strike needed to forge parts is very high. That’s why the kind of press machine matters. The hydraulic press machines are the most widely used in the market today. A good factory must have the most updated hydraulic press machine.

Robotic Arm

Once the metal has been punched on the die, it must be removed. Due to the safety of the worker and the efficiency at work, robotic arms are needed for the removal of punched parts. This is a very important machine in modern technology. If a cold forging factory has this machine, then you are guaranteed that they are good at what they do.

Machining Equipment

Unless the factory outsources mold and die design and making, they should have machining equipment. These are machines that do the cutting of the metals to form molds. They designed with a computer that takes the image to be machine and do the work, the almost 100% accuracy in making mold is what makes it crucial is factories.

Finishing Equipment

It is important to check the kind of finishing equipment the manufacturer has invested in. though cold forging has almost near net shapes, there is still a need to have the parts fine-tuned to get the expected quality. Check whether they have an advanced finishing unit.