Electronic Engraving Machine: What Is It And How To Use


Electronic Engraving Machine: What Is It And How To Use

If you have been in the laser engraving industry for some time now, then an electronic engraving machine is not a new term. But what is it and how can you get the most out of it. Well, these are some of the most advanced engraving machines in the market.

But are they and how do you use them? Well, these are the questions that will be working on in this article. We are going to look at what makes electronic engraving machine unique form the rest of the machine.

What is an electronic engraving machine?

Electronic engraving machines are special types of engraving pieces of equipment. They are mostly used as an alternative to the laser engraving machines. What makes these machines unique is how they do the engraving work.

The electronic engraving machine is designed with an electronically-controlled diamond-stylus. It is the one that engraves the copper surface of the gravure printing roll to make cells that eventually created the required graphic. These machines can also engrave rubber or photopolymer plate material. That’s simply what electronic engraving machine is. They do not use the laser beams, which is why most people confuse them.

How To Use Electronic Engraving Machine

When it comes to using an electronic engraving machine, there are several things that you need to consider. One of these factors is the quality of the image that you want to create. The clarity of the image and other factors that make perfect printing. Here are things that you need to consider:

Read the Manual

The first and most important thing is to read the machine’s manual. Don’t make a mistake of starting working with the machine with understanding how it works. That’s why reading the manual is an important thing to do.

The depth and Cell Size

The depth and the size of the cells engraved by the stylus determine the ink volume transferred to the substrate. So, it is one of the factors that greatly determines the quality of the print that you want to make. Therefore, you need to get the setting right to ensure that you the depth and the size of the cells right.

Machine Power

Like most of the engraving machines, the electronic engraving machine with a variety of settings. So, it is important to ensure that you are getting the setting right. If you are engraving deep and large cells, then you need to ensure that the stylus setting is done correctly.